REI sale: Buyer’s guilt/excitement/dismay …

In my quest to spend less money on unnecessary stuff, I’ve stopped going to nearly all the standard yearly “sales” I used to go to (i.e., Express, Victoria’s Secret [okay, I do go to this one, but only once a year, and I try to limit myself to only a couple purchases], the Seattle Public Library Book sale …). But when the REI Anniversary sale catalog popped in earlier this week, well, I eagerly flipped through it, pen and paper in hand. Then I took a few hours off this afternoon to run down to the downtown flagship store before the (bigger) crowds arrived. I already knew I was going to get some hiking boots; Chrissy and I had tried some on at REI a few weeks back, but had resisted plonking $150 down for them at the time in the hopes that they’d come on sale. And sure ’nuff, they were $40 off! I won’t reveal exactly how much I spent, since my “dear darling” sister and parents sometimes read this blog and would become a wee bit concerned, but thankfully I should be getting my tax refund soon, and also hopefully some $$ for my birthday next month.

The cashier stuffed most of my purchases in my backpack, so here’s what loot I ended up with when I got home:

The details: Vasque hiking boots, Kelty backpack, hydration water thing to go inside the backpack, hip-belt water-bottle holder (for short hikes), three T-shirts, one short-sleeved button up shirt, one tank top and two pairs of hiking socks (though, in my rush, I of course picked up one pair in a small, though I wear a size 8 — oops). Even Buster was amazed at what all came out of the backpack..

But nearly everything was on sale, and decently discounted, at that. I even ran into another co-worker there who was also cutting out of work to avoid the crowds, though I felt a little silly with my huge shopping bag over my shoulder — he only had two caribiners in one hand!! I’m sure he’d just gotten there..

Anyway, the sale runs through May 11. You can browse what’s on sale online. No more shopping for me anytime soon!


2 Responses to “REI sale: Buyer’s guilt/excitement/dismay …”

  1. Oh my gosh..this is impressive! Like I said before…wish we had an REI within an hr. from here, but it’s a whole day trek to get to one.And your birthday IS next month, isn’t it? Jeez…where does time go?!? ;)

  2. …if by “impressive” you mean “a little much, but at least nearly most of it was on sale” :o)Yes, the big 3-0 is rapidly approaching. Yikes!!

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