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‘Snow?!’ retread and

Posted in shopping, Weather on April 19, 2008 by poojaland

Hard to believe only six days ago, we were getting that early taste of summer with an 80-degree day. It dipped into the 40s early this week, and then today — it’s snowing again! It’s only been coming down for a couple hours now, but you can see in the pic that it is indeed coming down pretty hard.

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In other news — I’ve recently been thinking about getting some reusable grocery bags. Mainly, I want something with shoulder straps to make it easier to lug groceries — plus my purse and mail, laptop, etc. — from my car and up the flights of stairs to my condo. I’d originally been thinking of getting this funny one from the Onion that says “Stop Staring at My Tote” (see, but then a friend pointed me to this great site: They have basic, generic-looking totes and bags that are similar to the brown paper bags you get at the stores now. Then they also have these really cool (though very pricey) bags made of recycled materials like outdoor advertising banners hung around Seattle and recycled juice boxes from the Philippines. Right now, I’m leaning toward dual-handle bags made from recycled PET or this German bag that folds into a little pouch and could pull double-duty as a casual tote. I’m also going to see if my parents would be up for using one or three if my sister and I buy some for them for their anniversary (which was earlier this week).

Anyways.. hoo-ee, it’s still coming down out there, and even sticking! I can hardly see the freeway now from my living-room window, it’s so white. Good thing I did some grocery shopping this afternoon — I think I’m going to stay off the roads tonight and have a movie night.