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Are fruits and vegetables the ONLY non-dairy foods?!

Posted in Food on April 4, 2008 by poojaland

So I tried to go dairy-free yesterday at work to test the whole lactose-intolerance thing. When I arrived in the morning, the last dairy I’d had was around 7:30 Wednesday night. Thursday morning, I had a little bit of Kashi cereal (like Grape Nuts — extremely painful and boring to eat) with some soy milk. The rest of the day, I ate: some Jelly Bellies (the only non-dairy candy Shirley had in her basket); an apple; two slices of seven-grain bread, toasted, with some butter; a little bag of Fritos (Fritos’ only ingredients are: corn, corn oil and salt — who knew??) and some soy yogurt. I was feeling peachy until mid-afternoon when the usual stomach discomfort started up again. Got home and read the label on the bread I’d eaten and, sure enough — it has milk products in it. And the butter, of course, has dairy, which I really should’ve known. Turns out even my Eggo waffles — the multigrain ones — have nonfat dry-milk powder in them. Argh! I really don’t want to have to subsist on fruits, veggies and eggs! But I’ll have to be better about eating carefully during the work day or when I’m out and about. The discomfort is much easier to deal with on my own at home..

Um.. really?

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Is it wrong of me to not take someone seriously if they sign off by typing “Chau!”?? What the-? I mean, I know I’m picky about certain things, but…this may fall on the wrong side of the “picky” line!