My long lost friend, the taco truck

Last summer, we (my friends/co-workers and I) discovered this awesome taco truck that set up shop about half a mile down the street from our office. We went there once a week for a few months, but when the weather turned fall-like, it mysteriously disappeared. Through the mail guy here, I found out a few weeks ago that it’s back in the area; it’s probably a mile away now — a little too far for a lunch-time walk. Anyhow, being that it was a beautiful, sunny day today, and warmer than it has been recently, I IM’d Ben and we decided to take a little road trip down the street. The TT’s new set-up isn’t as inviting; it’s in a gas station’s parking lot and there are just three tall stools in front of a bar-like eating area. So we sat on a curb next to the truck to eat our lunch. We also chatted up the TT cashier; apparently the TT does much better business at its gas-station location. They even stay open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Mon.-Sat., as opposed to 11-2, M-F at the old place.

The first TT trip of the season — hopefully it means summer’s not too far away!! Here’s a snap of Ben in front of the TT with his famous BluBlocker sunglasses:


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