TV hotties and the upcoming weekend

When I have trouble sleeping (which, unfortunately, has been pretty often the past few months), I pass time by making lists of random stuff in my head. A couple nights ago, my topic was TV hotties; in no particular order:

  1. Michael Weatherly, “NCIS”

  2. Zach Braff, “Scrubs”

  3. Jason Bateman, “Arrested Development”

  4. Scott Foley, “Felicity” (I was much more of Noel fan than a Ben fan..)

  5. Zachary Levi, “Chuck”

  6. Josh Duhamel, “Las Vegas” (the most “model”-ish of my list; I usually go for less pretty boys)

  7. David James Elliott, “JAG” (circa the mid-’90s)

  8. Michael Vartan, “Alias,” “Big Shots” (lucky Jennifer Garner got to be with both Michael and Scott Foley — on TV and in real life. Not fair!)

  9. David Annable, “Brothers & Sisters”

  10. John Krasinski, “The Office” (though I like his hair better when his bangs are brushed down over his forehead)

There’s a pattern of sorts.. I mostly like comedic actors, and guys who have boyish/smiley faces. A great sense of humor and snappy wit is definitely a requirement for all my friends — male or female.

Since the weather looks to be cold, wet and possibly icy/snowy this weekend, I may have to scrap my usual weekend hiking outing with Chrissy. However, I did find some local goings-on that piqued my interest: The Lakeside School’s rummage sale (Bill Gates’ alma mater) and VegFest at Seattle Center. I’m not a full-on vegetarian, but I’m a huge fan of substituting tofu for meat at restaurants and I don’t like seafood. $5 to get in, and there’s free food!


3 Responses to “TV hotties and the upcoming weekend”

  1. i am quite fond of the people on this list as wellbutttt…you forgot;wentworth millermr o’malley from miss guidedted from HIMYMthere’s gotta be more!

  2. Don’t worry, I didn’t “forget”; I just couldn’t fit them onto my list of 10 ;o) But those guys are definitely on my Honorable Mentions list!

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