Red wine = not a good sleep aid

I get sleepy pretty quickly after just a couple sips of red wine, and since my insomnia has been rather wicked lately, I thought I was being a smartypants last night by having half a glass of red wine around 9:30 with the idea of having it help me fall asleep. Big mistake! I hit the sack around 11 and only slept fitfully and sporadically for the next several hours as I had to get up FOUR TIMES to pee. Ugh. I was hoping the wine would be good for something (I’m trying to force myself to like the stuff for the health/social benefits), but no suck luck.

Starting to feel the exhaustion set in already…


2 Responses to “Red wine = not a good sleep aid”

  1. I’m sure the solution to ANYTHING can somehow be found in “Hot Rod,” eh? Or by “drinking’ and fightin'”!

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