‘Bachelor’ crush — for now


I must admit I’m periodically drawn to the TV to watch “The Bachelor” when it’s running. I think I’ve watched maybe one season the entire way through (and that might’ve actually been one of “The Bachelorette” series), though, because it inevitably becomes groan-inducing and just, well, ridiculous. Hearing that this season’s bachelor was from Britain, I had to TiVo the first episode. And slap me silly if I don’t have a wee bit of a crush now on one Matt Grant. He’s tall (6’5″), boyishly handsome and has this kooky sense of humor I really like. Plus, in that opening ep, there are priceless shots of him dancing on a sidewalk, getting frisky with the side of a phone booth in London, and dancing in his bedroom as the closing credits roll. No matter how much I like him right now, though, I can almost guarantee you that by episode three, he’ll have sunk down to the level of previous bachelors. Namely, constantly commenting on how “beautiful” or “gorgeous” the girls are, kissing on as many of them as he can, and professing to have extreme attraction to several of them at one time. It’s a predictable slide by now!! Though, after popping on to the Web page for the show just now, I’m thinking the slide may start by ep two tonight, as the preview says: Matt doesn’t wait to bestow his first kiss, as the women attempt to out-strut each other as models in a sexy fashion show with a sizzling group date in Las Vegas!

Yikes. Too bad all of his four older brothers (he’s 27) are married.


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